Here are a few magazine articles, online news stories, and blog posts I have written. I love sharing stories of people who have game-changing business models, an entrepreneurial drive, or a passion for the arts. My goal is to inspire readers to take action in an informed, strategic way.


Big Picture: Connected Packaging as a Marketing Channel
The technology for connecting printed packages to online content has improved. Now, designers must help brands develop content that will deliver results.

SGIA Journal: Rethinking Fast Fashion
The fashion industry is being transformed by e-commerce and social media. Companies that digitally print garments and textiles will be well positioned to thrive, whether consumers continue to buy a high volume of low-cost garments from “fast-fashion” companies or fewer, more customized garments that are made to order.

Screen Printing Magazine: What’s Next for Single-Pass Inkjets?
High-speed inkjet printing systems are becoming more practical for more applications, including some industrial products for which screen printing or pad printing remain the mainstream method.

Big Picture: Can Print Shops Benefit from 3D Printing?
Until now, the 3D printers shown at printing conferences have been slow, box-like devices that slowly output small models, prototypes, and doodads. That’s about to change with the introduction of the Massivit 1800, the first large-format 3D printing for displays, signs, and themed environments.

SGIA Journal: Why Digital Textile Printing Is Preparing to Take Off
A new generation of industrial-grade, high-speed inkjet printers is enabling digital textile printing to expand beyond “soft signage” and into fashion apparel, upholstery fabrics, and home textiles.


SGIA Journal: Dynamic Scheduling for Dynamic Customers
In printing environments, dynamic scheduling software can help you visualize how a change on one job might affect your ability to complete and deliver other fast-turnaround jobs in the pipeline. It is becoming an increasingly important tool in printing firms with a mix of higher-speed flatbed printers and finishing devices. 

Screen Printing Magazine: Clothing Becomes Electric
SPCover-WearableTech_2The Internet of Things is changing the way fashion designers think about textiles and manufactured garments. Electronically interactive ‘smart clothing’ could help everyone from infants to the elderly live safer, healthier lives. Screen printers are playing an important role in researching what’s possible. While industrial inkjet and 3D deposition printers are quickly being developed to make printed electronics, rotary screen printing equipment is already being used to print RFID antennas and blood glucose sensors. Traditional cylinder and flatbed lines are being used for a host of other applications.

SGIA Journal: Recalculating Return on Investment
 In printing environments, dynamic scheduling software can help you visualize how a change on one job might affect your ability to complete and deliver other fast-turnaround jobs in the pipeline. It is becoming an increasingly important tool in printing firms with a mix of higher-speed flatbed printers and finishing devices.


SGIA Journal: Reworking Your Production Workflow
As commercial print providers expand into wide-format graphics, they don’t want to learn how to different RIP software programs for each device. They want to continue to use familiar, automated PDF-workflows for preflighting file-preparation errors, meeting brand color standards on multiple devices, and setting up finishing files during prepress. Learn how moving to an automated PDF workflow can free your employees to focus on tasks such as building customer relationships and meeting clients’ requests for innovative solutions.

SGIA Journal: Are You Ready for a Single-Source Contract?
If a big client chooses your company to provide millions of dollars of services over the next few years, are you prepared to handle everything the client might expect?

Screen Printing Magazine: High-End UV Flatbeds and the Changing Dynamics of In-Store Marketing
The use of screen printing equipment for P-O-P and retail graphics declines as orders for shorter runs of more customized materials rise. A look at some trends in retailing explains why the demand for shorter runs will continue to rise.

Big Picture Magazine: 3D Printing: 6 Simple Truths Behind the Hype
This article in the October 2014 issue of Big Picture magazine compares the hype surrounding 3D printing to the early days of large-format graphics printing and explains why large-format graphics producers might consider adding 3D printing as a service.


Screen Printing Magazine: An Update on Direct-to-Garment Printers
An overview of direct-to-garment printers for all types and sizes of businesses.

American Way Magazine: Art Collecting 101
In this article in American Airlines’ in-flight magazine, gallery owners, collectors, and consultants explain why buying art should be exhilarating, not intimidating.

Professional Artist Magazine: The State of the Art of Art Reproduction
An overview of the digital and traditional methods of printing art reproductions.

SGIA Journal: Compact UV-LED Printers Take Inkjet Printing to New Heights
Smaller flatbed printers make it possible for more businesses to print images and graphics on three-dimensional objects.

Wearables Magazine: Success in Screen Printing-Fast Screening
How computer-to-screen systems can save apparel decorators time and money.

SGIA Journal: Old-School Screen Printing in the Digital Age
A growing community of artists and designers is enthusiastically experimenting with good old-fashioned screen printing.


WCPO.com: High-Heeled Success Founder Teaches Women How to Conquer Business World

WCPO.com: An interview with the experiential design firm Kolar Design in Cincinnati

EFBlogKolarDesignWCPO.com: 9 Ways to Spark Your Creativity During Cincinnati Design Week

WCPO.com: 9 Ways to Enjoy Cincinnati Summerfair Weekend

WCPO.com: TEDxCincinnati aims to connect Tri-State residents with ideas worth spreading



NASA Press Kit:  Space Plasma Module Interactions Experiment on Space Shuttle Columbia
The press backgrounder for STS-62 describes an experiment that NASA Lewis Research Center scientists conducted to gather data for the design and construction of the Space Station power system.

Other topics I have written about include:

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