About Me

If you need an experienced, business-savvy writer who can adapt quickly to new assignments and topics, let’s talk!

In the course of editing magazines and blogs on digital printing and photography, I have written literally hundreds of feature stories, case studies, news items, and blog posts.

Most of my articles have focused on helping small-business owners, artists, book publishers, brand marketers, commercial printers, designers, and professional photographers understand how to benefit from emerging technologies in digital printing.

I understand the needs of publishers and editors, because I have launched two popular digital-printing-related magazines (The Big Picture and Great Output), served as technical editor of “The Artist’s Giclee Handbook,” and developed photography blogs for clients such as LexJet and HP. My experience hiring freelancers and working with start-up projects has taught me that it is critical is to find professionals you can count on to excel.



I have a passion for learning. My bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism and public relations provided a solid foundation for an amazing career during which I never stopped learning. My background includes experience in association communications management, content marketing, copywriting, and managing publications for organizations ranging from United Way to NASA.

In 2011, I launched the Creatives at Work blog to help artists, designers, photographers, and writers see how continuing advances in technology are affecting their career paths and opportunities.

Blog publishing enables me to:

  • keep abreast of news, trends, and changes in publishing;
  • test and analyze different ways of connecting with readers;
  • meet innovative thinkers and expert sources;
  • discover story ideas with timely angles;
  • be efficient and productive in writing and publishing content.

When you need a writer you can rely on to deliver high-quality articles, please consider me for an assignment.

Call me at 859-426-0481 or e-mail me at eileen (at) eileenfritsch.com