Long-form Multi-Source Feature Stories Give Readers Broader Perspective

The biggest perk of freelancing in the technology field is getting paid to research multiple topics. This often involves interviewing creative people with big and bold ideas. That’s why some of my favorite writing projects are “long-form” B2B magazine articles. I generally prefer writing for business audiences because business owners aren’t seeking dumbed down “snackable” content. They want meatier … Read more

Fresh Perspectives on 3D Printing in The Big Picture Magazine

I was delighted to see that the ISA (International Sign Association) recently tweeted a link to the article on 3D printing I wrote for October issue of The Big Picture magazine. 6 Simple Truths About the Hype About 3D Printing Having witnessed the emergence and evolution of large-format color graphics printing technology, I wrote about some striking … Read more

Interviews with Design Execs Show Agencies Are Evolving

Technology is an equal-opportunity destroyer. Over the past 20 years, I have seen it disrupt the traditional business models of photo labs, printing companies, and publishing firms. It has also altered the careers of people involved with those businesses, including photographers, designers, and writers. Some people adapted, embracing new opportunities and overcoming the obstacles and … Read more

AIGA Cincinnati Organizes a Fantastic Design Week Program

One joy of contributing to WCPO.com in Cincinnati is being able to observe the remarkable progress that has been made in revitalizing our urban core and attracting and retaining young creative professionals.  Not that long ago, young design-school graduates seemed to believe that the best career opportunities for creatives existed only in New York, Chicago, or LA. That has changed. In … Read more

The Joy of Local Reporting

Last fall, while researching news for my Creatives at Work blog, I discovered a news release for a job site called Ebyline. The site intrigued me because its business model recognizes that trained, experienced journalists have certain skills that newcomers to freelance writing might not yet have developed. When a publishing company hires a freelance journalist through Ebyline, they can be … Read more